After years of work in the field of psychiatry, I have developed a model of care based on personalized and integrated medicine.

PERSONALIZED MEDICINE:   Current research shows that psychiatric conditions are not diseases but unique disorders which present as a specific combination of symptoms in each individual and follow that person's specific alignment of brain circuits.

INTEGRATED MEDICINE:   I believe in the importance of examining the broader effects and interactions between organs and systems.  I often use and rely on the latest neuroscientific research regarding the role such things as inflammation, weight, genes and environment have in their interaction with psychiatric disorders.  Also, I see therapy and medication management as components of the same process, and tools that often work the best when integrated by the same provider.  

I am a Birmingham psychiatrist who offers patient centered services for children, adolescents and adults.  I look at the synergy between your mind and body, and I provide  customized psychiatric (medically based) and/or therapeutic (counseling) treatments.  I specialize in depression, bipolar, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, impulse control disorders, eating disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders, psychotic disorders, as well as psychological only conditions.