Psychiatry Consultants


Healing the mind and body

through integrated treatment and support


Advocating for holistic treatment
of all psychiatric conditions

Our practice provides thoughtfully designed, scientifically backed care and treatment for children, adults, families and groups.

We tailor our approach to each individual, and address the mind and body through integrated treatment and support.



We know it can be daunting to begin therapy. That’s why we work to make the process as simple and comfortable as possible with a direct payment approach, complete patient privacy and easy appointment scheduling.


Whether you are concerned with your mood, urges, behaviors or relationships, or you just want another perspective on a diagnosed condition, we can help bring clarity to your concerns. We begin patient care with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. We will send you screening tests to complete through our confidential patient portal, then follow up with a face-to-face meeting with the psychiatrist.


Psychopharmacological services, also known as medication management services, involve a thorough review of medications, along with the potential benefits and side effects, based on your presentation, medical and psychiatric history. We partner with you to make sure your concerns and priorities are addressed when deciding which medication to use.


Psychotherapy is a therapeutic relationship that takes many forms, including counseling, psychodynamic therapy and brief therapy interventions. We provide consultation and intervention for interpersonal conflict among families, couples, businesses and institutions.


TMS is a well-established and FDA-approved, non-pharmacological treatment for treatment-resistant depression. There are other indications for TMS, that are not yet FDA approved. TMS requires an initial evaluation, and it involves a series of 30 daily treatments of approximately one-hour duration. For more information, please visit


We provide consultation and intervention for interpersonal conflicts at a variety of family and social levels: family, couple, business, institutions. These services are available for patients who require the highest level of the psychiatrist’s involvement in their treatment—either due to the need of frequent, intense in-office appointments and out-of-office communication (in which case, there are considerable financial savings) or due to their preference for easily accessible, flexible and customizable visits. These services require a retainer fee equivalent to three months of services.


These services are available on a case-by-case determination of need and best use. They are recommended for the patients who value the most confidential services, those with physical or psychological needs for home consultation, for younger children who need the home environment and the family interactions as part of the assessment, or for family therapy or interactions that are more convenient. The fees for such services are higher than in-office fees, as they require a considerably longer time and more intense psychiatrist involvement.


Phone consultation is available by appointment. Although there is value to all interactions, we recommend that the use of phone consultation is limited to special circumstances. We will evaluate each request and provide you with the best advice.


Let's Chat.


To schedule an initial evaluation, please call or text (205) 249-5369 and leave a brief message that includes:

  • your full name
  • your email address
  • your street address

If the patient is a child, please include his or her date of birth and identify the custodial parties. You can expect a response, including a brief discussion with the psychiatrist, within 24 hours.

Initial Evaluation

Once you are set up in the patient portal, and payment information is received, you will receive clinical screening forms to be completed within 24 hours for the doctor to review prior to your appointment. These screening forms help make the most of your meeting with the doctor.

On the appointment day, please be on time and respectful of others’ time. A delay of 15 minutes for the initial evaluation and 10 minutes for a medication management appointment will be considered a no-show and charged accordingly.

The initial evaluation is a face-to-face meeting lasting approximately 60 minutes for adults and 60-90 minutes for children and adolescents (as parents and relatives often participate in these meetings).

At the end of this evaluation, a treatment plan is suggested and agreed upon, medications are initiated if necessary, therapy is discussed, the need for lab work, or for medical or psychiatric data from other providers is discussed, and a follow-up appointment is established.



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Please note these hours may vary as all appointments and times are discussed on an individual basis


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